On this page, you may download some of our free documents and out-of-print books relating to Kilwinning and the Abbey. Most are PDF files, so you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Compatible alternative readers are available.


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Hidden History of the River GarnockDownload 1MB

The Kilwinning Stretch from the Swallow Hole to the Lugton Mou'

A plan layout of Kilwinning AbbeyDownload 365KB
With estimated construction dates and other basic information
Risk AssessmentDownload 196KB
Schools and other groups may need to see our Risk Assessment before a visit.
Kilwinning Community Archaeology Project 2011 ReportDownload 3MB
Includes a summary of the 2010 season.
Lady Jane’s Cottage at Eglinton Park - Archaeological Dig Report - 2012Download 2MB
Lady Jane’s Cottage at Eglinton Park - Extended Dig Report 2017Download 3MB
Cottage and Railway Loading Dock at Benslie - Archaeological Investigations Report 2013Download 4MB
Monkcastle - Archaeological Investigations Report 2014Download 4MB
Ryefield, Dalry - Archaeological Investigations Report 2015Download 6MB
Ryefield, Dalry - Archaeological Investigations Report 2016Download 4MB
Our ConstitutionDownload 78KB
A brief Investigation of a Defended Doorway at Kilwinning AbbeyDownload 614KB
Published by Kilwinning Heritage
An attempt to unravel the building sequence at Kilwinning Abbey by James KennedyDownload 8MB
Published by Kilwinning Heritage
Who Were the Kilwinning Monks? by Jim KennedyDownload 895KB
Published by Kilwinning Heritage
Kilwinning Heritage TrailDownload 2MB
News August 2023Download 295KB

Out-of-print books and booklets

All the books and booklets below are out of print and difficult to find in physical form, but we have managed to source or scan copies.

Montgomeries of Eglinton, by Elizabeth CousinsDownload 4MB
Reprinted from original 1980 document with addendum
Morrison’s Guide to the Glasgow, Greenock and Ayrshire Railway, 1841Download 3MB
Archaeological and Historical Collections of Ayr and Wigton Vol. 1, 1878Download 11MB
Galloway’s articles on Kilwinning Abbey architecture
History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton, Vol 3 Cunninghame, Pt 2, James Robertson, 1866Download 17MB
The Life and Recollections of Dr Duguid, edited by John Service, 1887.Download 13MB
Historical Tales and Legends of Ayrshire, by William Robertson, 1889Download 16MB
Kilwinning Abbey, the Church of Saint Winning, by Rev. William Lee Ker, 1900Download 5MB
Also available in reprinted form with printing errors via Amazon
Ayrshire, Its History and Historic families, Vol 1, by William Robertson, 1908Download 16MB
Ayrshire, Its History and Historic families, Vol 2, by William Robertson, 1908Download 7MB
Kilwinning Abbey, by John Ness, 1967Download 1MB
Kilwinning Abbey, by Sr Dominic Savio 1988Download 3MB
A Short History of Kilwinning Parish 2nd Ed, John Hay and Isabel J.T. Wilson 1988Download 5MB
Topographical Account of the District of Cunningham by Timothy PontDownload 10MB
Compiled about the year 1600
An Account of the Eglinton Tournament by James Aikman 1839Download 7MB
Opening of the Eglinton Dock and Tidal Basin 1892Download 5MB
Transcription of the original large booklet printed by the Ardrossan Herald newspaper, with scans of the original pages.
Kilwinning at the Time of the Reformation by Margaret HB Sanderson 1972Download 16MB
Published by Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Ayrshire Abbeys - Crossraguel and Kilwinning by Ian B Cowan 1986Download 12MB
Published by Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Antiburghers To The End by Jim KennedyDownload 4MB
Kilwinning Original Secession Church 1738-1956 and Baptismal Register 1772-1827

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